SanteMuse DNA Skin Genetic Testing

Lots of skincare products out there, but you are one of the kind.

You can customize your outfit, why not skincare regime?

Start with SanteMuse DNA to go for scientifically customized skincare management.


3 steps, 2 weeks. You will know your unique genetic makeup!


SanteMuse DNA is a skin genetic testing product co-developed by Huadong Ningbo and SanteMuse Inc. in the US. Skin experts from SanteMuse found that the skin condition is closely related to the three gene groups, 14 skin abilities, and 30 gene loci. Based on the second-generation gene sequencing NGS technology, SanteMuse DNA can analyze single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of specific gene sequences, and interpret the genetic information of skin. Along with the physical visual detection, SanteMuse draws a comprehensive picture of unique skin characteristics for each client. Finally, a set of tailor-designed skincare products will be provided to maximize the benefits from the genetic testing. 


SanteMuse DNA examines three major gene clusters that target key issues in individual skin types. They are:

1.       Anti-aging, which includes anti-collagen breakdown, hyaluronic acid synthesis, free radical elimination, DNA repair, cell renewal, and estrogen level.

2.       Anti-inflammatory, which includes anti-acne, anti-irritant dermatitis, and anti-allergic dermatitis.

3.       Anti-UV & anti-pollution, which include melanin inhibition, anti-freckle, anti-melasma, UV resistance, and pollutant metabolism.





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According to your skin DNA report and physical detection result , we will formulate products specifically to your need. Guaranteed to deliver results, since the selected topical ingredients are best suited to your skin profile.

Skin genetic testing is the prime and ultimate solution to precise, personal skin management. SanteMuse DNA has innovated big-three gene group detection technology, and brought a fresh skincare concept to consumers all over the world. A new era of genetic skincare is thereafter launched!

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